Project Title

Client Region of Durham
Location Durham, ON
Timeline April 2017 – June 2018

Project Overview

SSG is completing an energy and emissions plan for the Region of Durham and its six constituent municipalities, which involves the development of technological and land-use scenarios. A specific population and land-use model was developed to create possible land-use scenarios to 2050. Detailed business-as-usual and alternative land-use projections were developed year-over-year until 2050, portioning out future growth by zone, building type and employment category. The technological scenarios will explore a range of energy and emissions policies and actions and be coupled with the land-use scenario to evaluate the impact of land-use policy on GHG emissions reductions and financial impacts. A detailed financial and co-benefits analysis will be completed, alongside a scenarios prioritization process to identify the preferred scenario, and an implementation and monitoring plan to guide implementation.

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