Office of Research

SSG’s Office of Research is a new practitioner-academic model of ‘doing research’. With it, we ride the cutting edge of the latest sustainability research.

We are committed to trans-disciplinary research to produce on-the-ground guidance for decision-makers. A key imperative is to continue to discover new ways to enhance social innovation and in communicating our research outcomes.

The Office of Research draws upon SSG’s Associates to assemble multi-disciplinary teams. Royal Roads University academy members are engaged to augment the teams when needed.

For more information, please contact Ann Dale.

First Book from the Office of Research

For crucial insights into how communities can thrive and be sustainable, read this book Community Vitality: From Adaptation to Transformation, a collaboration between Professor Ann Dale, Rob Newell and SSG. The book explores key themes on what makes a community vital, why vitality is important and how vitality helps inspire and guide critical shifts towards thriving, resilient and sustainable communities.

In an era of global climate change, a growing divide between the wealthy and poor, and an overwhelming dependency on digital technology and the Internet, the need for a dialogue on sustainable community planning efforts focused on community vitality has never been stronger.

The book is available from the CRC Bookstore for $29.95 CDN.

White Papers

Our Members and Associate Members publish papers that contribute to the academic discourse—from fracking to mental health.