CityInSight Paper for Natural Resources Canada

Client: Natural Resources Canada
Location: Ottawa, ON
Timeline: Present – December 2019

Project Overview

whatIf? Technologies and Sustainability Solutions Group have collaborated to produce a new energy and emissions model –CityInSight — with the spatial resolution needed by municipalities to support the integration of climate change mitigation in their planning and infrastructure investment strategies. While there is little published material on this model, it has already been deployed in numerous municipalities across Canada and represents current best practice in urban energy and emissions modelling in Canada. Utilizing geocoded datasets, combined with the algorithmic structures of the well established whatIf? Modelling Framework, CityInSight helps cities identify the potential for initiatives that require detailed, quantified understanding of the spatial relationships between energy supply and demand, including for example DER and microgrids, district energy, combined heat and power, and electric and autonomous vehicle infrastructure. SSG and whatIf? Technologies are writing a paper for Natural Resources Canada, which will summarize the application of CityInSight to a number of Canadian municipalities, large and small.

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