Almost every US state has a climate action plan!

Over the past two months, over 100 cities, states, and Tribes have filed Priority Climate Action Plans (PCAPs). They outline “shovel-ready” actions that local governments can take to reduce climate pollution. What do these PCAPs mean for climate action in the US?

How to use the Greenhouse Gas Calculator for Municipal Projects

  How can municipal staff coordinate emissions reductions across all departments and all operational decisions? The GHG Calculator for Municipalities is a free tool that municipal staff can use to understand the climate impact of their decisions. The tool, which is a Microsoft Excel add-in, can help integrate climate assessments into project and policy decision […]

How cities can promote affordable housing while limiting emissions

Canada needs 5.8 million more homes to make housing affordable. How can it reduce emissions associated with building them?

It’s time for more ambitious renewable energy targets

Wealthy countries must transition to 100% renewable energy generation in the power sector by 2030 and economy-wide by 2040. Municipalities and utilities are key.

Living Solutions: A Hybrid Hot Water Heater Installation Adventure

In this third installment of our Living Solutions series, one of our colleagues takes us on their hybrid water heater installation adventure. 

We’re Hiring: Join our Consulting Team!

We’re growing our interdisciplinary team of climate consultants to lead our climate action planning projects.

Four climate action trends to watch in 2024

The climate crisis can be daunting, but progress is being made. Here are four positive climate action trends to pay attention to in 2024.

Guidance on Climate Modelling from the White House

The White House has issued a memo detailing how climate-economic modeling can improve in order to support more effective climate action decision-making.  Based on our experience conducting modeling for over 100 climate action plans across the Americas, we’ve identified the same areas of improvement and integrated them into SSG’s modeling tools.

Webinar: How to Use the Greenhouse Gas Calculator for Municipalities

Learn how to use the GHG Calculator to ensure that your municipal budget and capital plan reflect your commitment to climate action.