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SSG has developed several state-of-the-art modelling tools that give decision-makers the information they need for well-informed, resilient planning.

Our tools are open source and part of the Creative Commons.
Get in touch if you would like our support in applying these tools.


ModelHealth helps city officials and urban planners make informed decisions that reduce the impacts land-use changes will have on public health. A variety of health and planning criteria and assumptions are combined with local data to determine the potential impacts of policies and developments on mental illness, hypertension, asthma, obesity and stress, among other health outcomes. ModelHealth ensures that community planning results in positive individual and community health outcomes.


The CityInSight energy, emissions and finances model for cities was launched at the COP21 Climate Change Negotiations in Paris, December, 2015. Previously called GHGProof, CityInSight helps local and regional governments assess the impacts of potential land-use planning actions on GHG emissions, and public and private energy costs. This helps assess housing development impacts, transportation proposals, agriculture and forestry uses, solid and liquid waste approaches, energy delivery strategies, energy efficiency strategies and much more. CityInSight ensures decision-makers are well-informed about the energy and emissions impacts of their decisions, helping them achieve urban design, energy and emissions goals.

Visit the CityInSight website to get the full story on how your city or town can benefit from using this cutting-edge model.


Energy systems planning is becoming critical to practical and responsible neighbourhood design or redesign. SSG is leading a group of international partners in developing a district energy planning model that determines where district energy systems can be integrated into existing or future neighbourhoods. Plan4DE is a cutting-edge tool for planners, modellers and decision-makers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by optimizing urban form for district energy. The model will be launched in early 2016.

Visit the Plan4DE website for more information on how your city or town can use this model.

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