Our Services

We help decision-makers create decarbonized, equitable, healthy communities. 

We work with governments, municipalities, educational institutions, utilities, development networks, and NGOs around the world.

Together, we pinpoint concrete steps, actions, and timelines to reduce emissions, increase climate resilience, and improve quality of life.

Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Planning

We help decision-makers create viable plans for mitigating greenhouse gasses and adapting to climate change. We enable communities and organizations to increase resilience and reach their emissions reduction goals through energy, emissions, land-use, and financial modelling and analysis, informed by robust public engagement.

Sophisticated Scenario Modelling

Our energy, emissions, land-use, and financial scenario modelling enables decision-makers to map out possible futures to determine how to reduce emissions, create jobs, and optimize land use to create equitable, decarbonized, healthy communities. Find out more about our models here.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories

We build inventories that enable clients to take stock of their energy use and emissions, so they can determine reduction strategies and track progress. Our inventories are compatible with the Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG Inventories, the Global Covenant of Mayors, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the U.S. Community Protocol for Accounting and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the Local Government Operations LGO Protocol, and FCM’s Partners for Climate Protection Milestone Tool.

Climate Action Plan Implementation

Plan implementation is the most critical step in addressing the climate crisis. We create step-by-step implementation frameworks that detail how climate action becomes reality, including program design, staffing needs, and where funding is sourced, spent, and recouped.

Carbon Budgets & Accounting Frameworks

Carbon budgets are a state-of-the-art tool for tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We help cities and organizations identify and commit to a carbon budget—an overall cap on how much greenhouse gas they can emit, ever. Our carbon accounting frameworks help institutionalize this budget by providing a method for organizations to manage their emissions alongside their financial budget.

Co-benefits, Health & Equity Analysis and Planning

Climate action does more than just reduce emissions. We help local governments and organizations understand how climate action impacts equity, household costs, the local economy, and public health. We work with local communities to co-design climate action plans that create jobs, save money, and improve quality of life. 

Community Planning

Land-use planning is climate change planning. We combine qualitative analysis, quantitative modelling, and public engagement to generate land-use planning and transportation insights that help local governments integrate climate planning into the heart of official plans.

Who we work with

All levels of government

We work with towns, cities, regions, provinces, states, and countries on a variety of next-level climate planning projects.

Utilities and Agencies

We work with governmental partners such as utilities and transportation agencies to align their decarbonization plans with local and federal plans and policies.

International organizations

Our work with global partners such as the International Energy Agency, the United Nations, and the Global Methane Hub ensures we are at the forefront of global practice.

Educational Institutions

Supporting change across generations is the essence of our work with universities and school boards.

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