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Four climate action trends to watch in 2024

The climate crisis can be daunting, but progress is being made. Here are four positive climate action trends to pay attention to in 2024.

Guidance on Climate Modelling from the White House

The White House has issued a memo detailing how climate-economic modeling can improve in order to support more effective climate action decision-making.  Based on our experience conducting modeling for over 100 climate action plans across the Americas, we’ve identified the same areas of improvement and integrated them into SSG’s modeling tools.

COP28 Takeaways for Cities

The international community finally acknowledged the cause of climate change while cities gained prominence in COP negotiations and looked at cutting methane.

Montreal Commits to Climate Budget

For the first time, Montreal’s municipal budget includes a carbon budget—a cumulative cap on Montreal’s emissions out to 2050. By requiring City Council and staff to consider climate change in all investment decisions, the budget has the potential to push climate action forward while reducing spending decisions that increase climate pollution.

We developed a step-by-step climate action guide with IDB

We worked with the Inter American Development Bank to develop Planning Climate Action in Cities and Region, a guide for local governments in Chile and beyond.

How to reduce urban consumption emissions

Most urban climate action plans focus on greenhouse gas emissions generated within a city’s boundaries resulting— from things like heating buildings, fueling cars, and decomposing trash. But emissions related to other everyday activities like eating out at restaurants, traveling on an airplane, purchasing a new phone, and construction of new buildings are also driving the […]

How local governments can pull the emergency brake, and take climate action now

Priority Climate Action Plans (PCAP) empower governments to act while they plan, rather than waiting for a plan to act. How do we make sure we are acting smart, while acting fast?

Living Solutions: Carol’s Decarbonization Journey as a Renter

In our second installment of our “Living Solutions” series, which focuses on how SSGers are taking climate action in their personal lives, we focus on our US Business Development lead Carol Fraser’s decarbonization journey as a renter.

How a task force is helping Oregon build better

How do you build bi-partisan support to pass climate-related legislation? In Oregon, a cross-sector task force played a pivotal role in developing legislation to decarbonize buildings.