Bonsall Creek Watershed Management Plan

Client North Cowichan Municipality
Partners D R Clough Consulting, GW Solutions, Q’ul-lhanumutsun Aquatic Resources Society, Northwest Hydraulics, and David Tattum, a local farmer.
Location North Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada
Timeline Summer 2014 – 2015

Project Overview
SSG and our partners explored ecosystem, water balance, climate, agriculture and historic factors in North Cowichan’s Bonsall Creek Watershed to establish a watershed management plan that will benefit the land owners, agricultural producers and ecosystems of the area. The plan recommends fine-grained planning approaches that North Cowichan can take to address issues and opportunities around water use, water availability and stewardship in the watershed. This includes infrastructure engineering elements, water management strategies, agricultural elements and policy approaches.

Public engagement was very successful in hosting discussions on historical watershed uses, issues related to water availability and aspirations for the future of the watershed. Landowners, the general public, agricultural producers and First Nations groups were all involved.

Assessments and technical modelling analyses were performed of the hazard, climate, biodiversity, land-use, hydrology, groundwater and economy of the watershed and combined with maps produced in community consultations to provide a water balance and baseline assessment. From these qualitative and quantitative inputs, water use scenarios were developed, from which a preferred scenario was chosen and refined for adopting goals and developing strategies and policies for the Watershed Management Plan. The Plan is accompanied by an Implementation Plan to ensure action is taken to benefit the watershed and its users.

Our Bonsall Creek Watershed map atlas delicately showcases our work and can be viewed or downloaded.

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