Western Regional Enterprise Network Nova Scotia Regional Energy Investment Plan

Client Western Regional Enterprise Network
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Schedule March 2019 – January 2020

SSG and whatIf? Technologies Inc. are working with the Western Regional Enterprise Network (Western REN) in Nova Scotia to support the development of the Western Regional Energy Investment Plan (WREIP). Covering a total population of nearly 50,000, the Western REN is an inter-municipal corporation
of seven (7) neighbouring municipal units – the Municipalities of Argyle, Barrington, Clare, Digby, and Yarmouth, and the Towns of Digby and Yarmouth. The Western REN has identified renewable energy and energy infrastructure as a potential economic driver in the region. The Region has wind, biomass, tidal and solar resources, and could further capitalize on energy infrastructure development. The WREIP will outline a strategic plan for investing in a renewable energy future in the Region. The WREIP will include a baseline analysis of energy consumption in the region, with an analysis of the current socioeconomic, policy, land-use and other context factors in region, as well as an outline of key technologies that can meet energy targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will project current energy use into the future in business as usual and low carbon scenarios that explore renewable energy deployment. The scenarios will evaluate financial implications for various sectors and the region as a whole. Finally, the WREIP will include recommendations for strategic investments that support businesses and communities in the Region and achieve a low carbon future.

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