Victoria Climate Action and Sustainability Program Analysis

Client City of Victoria
Location Victoria, BC
Timeline May 2016 – August 2016

Project Overview

SSG completed a sustainability assessment of the City of Victoria’s sustainability programming efforts, as part of a review of its Climate Action and Sustainability program. The project included an overview of the City’s efforts to date (including policy and program implementation, target setting, and commitments), a policy and program gap identification and analysis, a review of best practices and targets in other jurisdictions, as well as consideration for recent relevant developments in the applicable legislative, policy and regulatory landscape. It concluded with an 18-month action plan (as a subset of actions derived from the gap analysis and the draft Community Energy and Emissions Plan) intended to assist in reviving the climate action program in the immediate term, with an aim to kickstart a longer-term revival of the full sustainability planning process. The aim of this assessment was to provide insights and observations into what sustainability efforts the City could focus on and how it might chart a path toward long-term institutionalization on its journey toward deep decarbonization and adaptation.

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