Halton Hills Community Energy Plan

SSG worked with Indeco consulting on a strategic Community Energy Plan, in close partnership with Halton Hills Community Energy Corporation. The Energy Plan delivers practical actions that translate into measurable financial benefits, efficiencies, reduced operating costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, community awareness and corporate leadership. It not only meets the Town’s obligations under the Green Energy Act, but also fulfills its commitments under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) program. The Plan identifies GHG targets and creates a Local Action Plan.
This effort used SSG’s GHGProof energy and emissions land-use model to perform detailed modelling of land-use and transportation scenarios to evaluate the impact of potential land-use plans on energy and emissions, the evaluation of actions in terms of their reduction of GHG emissions and energy, as well as cost savings and employment benefits. The plan included an extensive community engagement process to identify existing assets in the community (green economy mapping), the development of land-use scenarios and the identification of potential actions.

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