City of Saskatoon Climate Change Mitigation Business Plan

Client City of Saskatoon
Location Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Schedule October 2018 – September 2019

Saskatoon’s Low Emissions Community Plan focused on the community-wide business case for climate action. SSG completed the energy, emissions, finances, mapping, and scenario modelling, identifying the costs and returns of emissions mitigation actions, as well as the cost on inaction. The energy demand reduction, emissions reduction, and returns on investments were all modelled for each of the Plan’s 40 actions. Given Saskatchewan’s coal and natural gas powered electricity grid, many of the actions focused on reducing energy demand in buildings and transitioning electricity supply to renewable energy sources. With high anticipated population growth over the coming decades, a suite of actions also focused on energy efficient new buildings and transportation solutions. The Plan is a toolkit for climate change decision-making which enables the City of Saskatoon to shape the community for the next thirty years, working toward a target of 80% emissions reduction of 2014 levels by 2050.

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