British Columbia Waste to Energy policy

“Waste is a resource in the wrong place”

Our team’s on-the-ground experience enables us to develop credible archetypes of potential waste to energy projects, and to evaluate the impact of current legislation and policies on those projects from conception to decommissioning.

We helped the Province of British Columbia to redefine how they see waste, following other municipalities who have switched it on its head to be used as resource or to contribute to a gas producing economy. These principles were followed in the process to help the shift in perspective.

  • Encourage thinking which will continuously reduce the negative impacts of waste
  • Be adaptive, allowing for changes in technologies, values, and economics over time
  • Be universal, spanning all interest groups and viewpoints

Using visual representations from innovative network analysis to illustrate the current policy environment for waste to energy that mapped convergence zones, gaps and conflicts- the interrelationships. We built a business case based upon best practice in US and Europe from our extensive network there, to improve the policy on data management and energy production.

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