Bridgewater Community Energy Investment Plan

Client Town of Bridgewater
Location Bridgewater, NS
Timeline June 2016 – December 2017

Project Overview

SSG led the development of a Community Energy Investment Plan for the Town of Bridgewater. The low carbon pathway identified in the plan involved the development of low carbon scenarios to determine the investment required to achieve deep GHG emissions reductions. Highly detailed sectoral analysis was undertaken for: the biomass industry, district energy and building retrofit pathways. The resulting investment plan required nearly $500 million in energy efficient buildings, new community-scale energy systems, and clean & active transportation systems to be added in the Town over 32 years (2018-2050). Twenty actions were evaluated for their return on investment, net present value and other financial indicators. At the macro level, the analysis concluded that the investments would pay for themselves at a return rate of 177%, both when all the actions were combined and at the level of specific actions. The Community Energy Investment Plan was officially launched in Bridgewater in the fall of 2018 with acclaim from the provincial Minister of Energy, and is being profiled as an example for its framing of climate action in terms of local economic development.

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